Fouad WhatsApp latest version features comparison

The WhatsApp application is a widely used application for communication today. In addition to its interesting features, WhatsApp is easy to use. With the development of digital and communication technology, Fouad WhatsApp has now become a development of the original WhatsApp series. Of course, Fouad WhatsApp Apk exists with many more interesting features.

Fouad WhatsApp latest version

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best unofficial WhatsApp MOD apk files with many advanced features.

Fouad WhatsApp latest version features comparison

Yes, once you install Fouad WhatsApp on your Android phone, the application offers you many powerful options, such as - you can use two different WhatsApp accounts in a single Android device, hide your online appearance, play media without downloading, send and paste messages without date and time Copy and paste messages, send up to 90 images at once, and many more exciting options.

If there are some features that you may not be able to use when using the original version of WhatsApp, such as the theme change feature, then by using Fouad WhatsApp, you can easily change the theme and make the look on your WhatsApp not monotonous. Also, there are other cool features where you can use the various MOD settings provided.

The latest Fouad WhatsApp features

Of course, the presence of Fouad WhatsApp offers advantages over the original WhatsApp. Here are some of the advantages of Fouad WhatsApp.

Privacy Features

On Fouad WhatsApp, you can enjoy various privacy features. One example is the ability to hide your online status by showing your offline status on the WhatsApp view. You can freely use this feature without any binding conditions. Another example is the ability to hide the blue marker, the "typing" status, the double marker and the name when viewing stories in your contacts.

Customizable themes

When you use the original version of WhatsApp, you may be overwhelmed by the monotonous and unchangeable themes and fonts. This version of Fouad WhatsApp offers the ability to customize the theme to suit your needs. Many customization options will help you personalize your theme.

Large file transfer

Fouad WhatsApp is able to send large files that the original version of WhatsApp did not have. An example of this is sending up to 10 images at a time, sending videos of 50MB and 100MB of audio.

Do-not-disturb mode feature

DND mode is a Do Not Disturb mode that can be activated when you just want to turn off the Internet in this application. To use this Do Not Disturb mode, you just need to tap the Wi-Fi icon. To be able to send and receive, you can turn this feature off.

Anti-delete messages

WhatsApp messages have been received that have been deleted from the sender. Using this Fouad WhatsApp, you can easily see which messages have been deleted by the sender. Click on the contact name and then press on reverse deleted messages and then you can read any messages that have been previously deleted.

Advanced Features

In this feature, you can reduce the video sending limit by navigating to Fouad Settings, then selecting Media Sharing, and then clicking Upload Size Limit (Video). You can also easily share like.ZIP files and APK files using the sharing feature on Fouad WhatsApp.

Anti-ban feature

 The advantage of Fouad WhatsApp is that it has an anti-ban feature that does not exist in the original version of WhatsApp. With this feature, your account will be secured even if you don't use the official version of WhatsApp.

Message scheduler

If you have a busy schedule or need to deal with many agendas, then this Fouad WhatsApp will help you to organize your schedule. There is a message scheduler feature to schedule all your agendas. This feature will be perfect for those who use WhatsApp business profiles.

Menu on Fouad WhatsApp Apk

Like the original version of WhatsApp on Fouad WhatsApp, it has various menus. For the standard menu, there are of course some additional menus that will allow you to enjoy Fouad WhatsApp even more. 

This is the menu on Fouad WhatsApp.

Home Home screen

When you open the application for the first time, the main home screen appears. the Fouad WhatsApp home page looks almost the same as the other application home pages. The difference is that in this Fouad WhatsApp, you can show your previously hidden groups or contacts.


Fouad WhatsApp does not support the use of Indonesian language at the time of launch. But you can overcome this problem by changing the preferences or language settings on your smartphone.

Main Menu

Search icon for searching specific contacts in the chat menu. You can also search for sentences in the telegram application.

The main menu is the main way to operate Fouad WhatsApp.

Contacts icon, which makes it easier for you to display contacts in alphabetical order.

The camera bar makes it easier when you want to share photos quickly. You can share or contact the ones you want directly in the story.

Chat bar, used as one of the shortcuts to load private and group chat lists.

Fouad WhatsApp has the same status bar as the original version. In this menu, you can view your status and contact list.

The floating button is a menu that helps you to quickly bring up some shortcuts.

DND mode is the menu you use when you want to disable your internet connection on Fouad WhatsApp.

How to install Fouad WhatsApp

Before installing Fouad WhatsApp on your smartphone, first make sure that your smartphone has Android OS version 5.0 or higher. This is to ensure that Fouad WhatsApp will work properly and will not malfunction. Please follow the steps below to install the application.

  • First download the Fouad WhatsApp apk on the link provided.
  • Open the settings bar on your smartphone and click on security.
  • Check "Unknown sources" on the menu option
  • After activating "Unknown sources", you can install the downloaded Apk.
  • Open the Fouad WhatsApp application and select the country of Indonesia.
  • Enter the mobile number used.
  • After verifying your number, you will get an automatic OTP code.
  • You can use Fouad WhatsApp.

Communicating directly or indirectly is one of the important things in everyday life. The presence of Fouad WhatsApp further enriches the appearance and functionality of the rather monotonous WhatsApp version. You have more freedom to set your preferences for the Fouad WhatsApp you use.